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eHealth2go for MedStar Health

eHealth2go for MedStar Health

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A collaborative approach to diabetes management

MedStar Health is a $4.4 billion not-for-profit, regional healthcare system with a network of 10 hospitals and 20 other health-related businesses across Maryland and the Washington, D.C., region. MedStar Health has a patient-first philosophy that combines care, compassion and clinical excellence with an emphasis on customer service. The Medstar Diabetes Institutes decided to pilot a study to determine whether a diabetic patient portal would help its most disadvantaged Type 2 diabetes patients and their providers better manage this disease.

Our platform provided tools for diabetic patients to collaboratively manage care with their providers and family members. Patients utilised OneTouch Glucometers that uploaded directly into the patient portal so that patients and providers could track readings and trends over time. For out-of-range readings, the patient and the care management team received alerts that facilitated action. In addition:

  • Care plans provided the necessary tools to take corrective measures to help manage clinical measures and improve overall care. Health journals enabled patients to see correlations between diet, exercise and outcomes.
  • Reports generated through the platform spurred value-added communication because a record of the time between office visits was captured through the portal.

The pilot was so successful that MedStar recently launched an updated version of the solution to reach a broader spectrum of their patient population. The new version includes a mobile interface for patients to access and monitor care more effectively and efficiently. A general wellness centre, heart failure centre and kidney centre were also added. Each of the disease centers incorporates personal health information, care plans and educational material specific to the intended cohort of patients.

This project has received numerous awards for its innovation with the Medstar population, including the 2011 Promising Practice Award of Excellence at the 4th American Diabetes Association Disparities Forum.


MedStar patients saw significant reduction in HbA1c (9.3% to 7.7%) and in Blood Glucose (181 mg/dl to 153 mg/dl) as well as positive increases in eHealth Literacy levels and patient satisfaction. During follow-up surveys and interviews, patients in the study said that they found ways to access computers, such as going to the library or a family member’s house because they saw the value in utilising the breadth of tools provided.

Additionally, the simplicity of the charts provided added value and increased usability. For example, if a patient’s Blood Glucose was too high, then it would appear in a color coded chart as out-of-range. By simply providing visual aid, patients who were out-of-range knew that they should consult their care plans. Messages were also automatically sent to the patient’s care management team at the patient’s discretion.

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