Key Features
Key features
Kete Waiora is built using globally tested technology that is proven to deliver what organisations in the health sector really need.
How we help
Kete Waiora empowers you and your patients to engage in more meaningful kōrero that leads to better health outcomes.
Who we are
Kete Waiora is New Zealand's digital health solution. Powered by Spark Health, it is the key to unlocking a seamless care experience for you and your patients.


Improving health
outcomes for Aotearoa


Improving health
outcomes for Aotearoa

Our story started with a question...

We know New Zealand’s health providers strive to ensure the best possible outcome for every patient. So, we asked ourselves: ‘How can we use technology to help?’ And that’s how the Kete Waiora journey began.

Developed in consultation with some of Aotearoa’s leaders in digital health, Kete Waiora is designed to empower you and your patients by streamlining care and communication.

We believe it’s the digital solution that will change health outcomes in our country for the better – and we’re not stopping there. Every day, our team continues to drive Kete Waiora forward, searching for new ways to improve patient experience and give you more tools that make offering world-class care simple and efficient.

Spark Health

Kete Waiora has been developed by Spark Health, a specialist team within Spark that exists solely to help New Zealanders live healthier lives through the power of technology. Spark Health offers digital solutions to health providers around the country, and works closely with its clients to improve the standard of care they can offer through smart, world-leading tech.

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Why Kete Waiora?

When it came to our name, we did not choose lightly. ‘Kete Waiora’ is derived from the Maori phrases for ‘basket’ (‘Kete’) and ‘health’ (Waiora).

The name draws on the whakataukāukī: Ko koe ki tēna, ko ahau ki tēnei kīwai o te kete, which means, You at that handle and I at this handle of the basket.

This fits with our intention to empower Zealanders to hold their own kīwai (handle), of a digital basket that holds all of their important health information in one place and to decide who is allowed to take a role in holding the other.


A more connected health system

The greatest asset to New Zealand’s health system is the many thousands of dedicated providers who work within it. Kete Waiora is designed to support you in delivering the best possible health outcomes, by giving your people access to every patient’s entire primary health history and more. As well as comprehensive health records, Kete Waiora offers useful tools to make sharing information with your patients, and their other health providers, a more straightforward process.


Advancing care through technology

We believe every New Zealander should have equal access to quality care, and that better use of technology is the only way to make it happen. Our team includes leaders in both digital health and connectivity solutions. By combining their expertise, we can offer you and your patients the opportunity to experience a new level of care.

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