Key Features
Key features
Kete Waiora is built using globally tested technology that is proven to deliver what organisations in the health sector really need.
How we help
Kete Waiora empowers you and your patients to engage in more meaningful kōrero that leads to better health outcomes.
Who we are
Kete Waiora is New Zealand's digital health solution. Powered by Spark Health, it is the key to unlocking a seamless care experience for you and your patients.


Seamless patient care, at your fingertips

Kete Waiora empowers you to create the best outcomes for your patients and practice, by providing a secure and intuitive way to gather, access, manage and share information. Developed by world leaders in digital health, it’s the future of care at your fingertips.

The future of health


See every patient's full health story

Kete Waiora gives you access to your patients’ complete health history by gathering records from all of their primary health providers in a single, secure online platform. Information is updated in real-time, meaning that you will always have the full picture.


Store and manage patient data securely

Kete Waiora uses world-class data security systems to ensure all patient data is fully encrypted and completely secure. All patient data is stored securely within New Zealand, with no data sent offshore. We are powered by Spark Health, a specialist division of Spark, which means we have access to New Zealand’s leading experts and infrastructure for online data management. It also means that you can rest assured that your online dashboard will be ready and waiting for you whenever you need to access it.


Offer seamless remote care

Kete Waiora empowers you to provide high quality remote care to your patients, no matter where they are. Features such as video consults, remote monitoring and chronic disease management tools are delivered via a secure platform that has been proven in use internationally.


Focus on health, not admin

Kete Waiora uses world-leading digital health technology to streamline patient care and communication processes. Tools such as secure messaging between providers, instant results sharing and cross-provider health records mean your team can spend less time searching for information and more time helping patients find the very best health solutions.

Better health, and the ultimate patient experience

From video consults to paperless prescriptions, Kete Waiora delivers a seamless digital care experience. Whether you’re building a practice, or already managing thousands of records through an established organisation, it will ensure your patients receive high quality care in a way that promotes greater satisfaction and better health outcomes.


Reduce pressure on admin teams

Kete Waiora relieves pressure on your administration team by enabling patients to book their own appointments, receive results, and update their details through the platform. You can also send text and email reminders, manage billing and share information with a patient's wider care team.


Streamline communication

With secure direct messaging, text reminders and email notifications, Kete Waiora makes it quicker and easier to send important information to your patients. You can also communicate with other members of a patient's care team, meaning information can be shared quickly and securely across providers.


Branded for your organisation

Kete Waiora can be provided as a 'white labelled' service, allowing you to brand the platform with your organisation's name and logo. This enables you to provide your patients with world-class digital care options, delivered under a familiar name.


Powerful software capability

Kete Waiora is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing practice management systems, making it simple and cost effective to adopt. The platform also allows purpose-built third party software apps to be added to your account, enabling you to customise Kete Waiora to your organisation's specific needs.


Full NHI and HPI integration

Kete Waiora is fully integrated with New Zealand's NHI and HPI systems, so you can be confident that you are viewing every patient's entire primary and community record.


Help advance health research

Where patients give consent, Kete Waiora will collect and aggregate anonymous health data. Your patients are not identified at an individual level in any way, and the data provided is only made available to accredited research clinicians and public health specialists.

Patient outcomes

Empower your patients with greater control over their own health journey, by giving them the ability to store and access all of their important health data and records via a single, secure online account.

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