Key Features
Key features
Kete Waiora is built using globally tested technology that is proven to deliver what organisations in the health sector really need.
How we help
Kete Waiora empowers you and your patients to engage in more meaningful kōrero that leads to better health outcomes.
Who we are
Kete Waiora is New Zealand's digital health solution. Powered by Spark Health, it is the key to unlocking a seamless care experience for you and your patients.

Empower your patients to take charge of their health

Kete Waiora gives your patients access to all of their health information in a single, secure online account. Having a complete record at their fingertips empowers patients to engage in more meaningful conversations about their wellbeing and, ultimately, to enjoy better health.

The future of health


Give patients access to their full health story

By offering your patients access to Kete Waiora, you empower them to take charge of their health journey. Patients can access their GP’s notes, lab results, physiotherapy reports, prescriptions and more via a secure, easy-to-use online account. They also have the ability to book appointments online, participate in video consults and sync devices, such as their Apple Watch, to track health data.


Provide secure, 24/7 access from any device

Kete Waiora allows your patients to access their health information using any internet-enabled device, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Kete Waiora is powered by Spark Health, a specialist division of Spark. We use world-class data security systems to ensure your patients’ data is fully encrypted and completely secure. All information is stored in New Zealand, with no data sent offshore.


Enable cross-provider record sharing

Each patient’s Kete Waiora account contains their entire primary health history, giving them the ability to quickly and easily share information with all of their health providers if they wish. So if, for example, their GP needs to see their physio’s notes (or vice versa) the patient can choose to make this information available.


Offer secure video consults

No matter where your patients are, Kete Waiora ‘s video consult technology allows them to connect with you in a secure, online environment. Video consults are available using any internet-enabled phone, tablet or computer, giving those who can’t attend an appointment in person equal access to quality care. Other members of the patient’s care team, and their support people, are also able to join a consult to ensure the best possible outcome.


Communicate important messages instantly

Kete Waiora makes it easy and secure for you to contact your patients with important information. The direct messaging tool is simple-to-use and means all of care-related correspondence is kept in one easy-to-access online account. Messages can also be exchanged securely between care providers from different organisations, streamlining the way that patient information is shared.

Empower your patients to take control of their health

With access to their entire health record, your patients can ensure their care team has all the information to help them make the best possible decisions.


Appointment Reminders

Appointment and video consult reminders ensure patients know when their next appointment is. Patients can request appointment changes through the inbuilt messaging tool.


Medications information

All medications information is available, including dicontinued . Patients can also set text reminders to remind them which medications to take at what time.

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Ability to input their own data

Functionality to connect Fitbit, Withings, Garmin and Apple wearables to contribute their own health and wellbeing data.


Update details quickly

Kete Waiora allows your patients to update or correct their own details quickly and easily. The ability to log in rather than having to make a call means patients are more likely to keep their details up-to-date and, because updates are made instantly, you will always have every patient's most recent information.


Sync wearable devices

Patients can sync data from wearable devices to Kete Waiora to capture important information such as heart rate, physical activity and sleep patterns. They also have the ability to create their own health goals and measure these over time. This provides useful additional data that wouldn't otherwise be available during an appointment.


Your health, in your language

Empowering your patients to tell their health story in the language they're most comfortable with is vital to the patient experience. That's why Kete Waiora is available in Te Reo, English, Mandarin, Samoan and Hindi.

Organisational outcomes

Kete Waiora gives your team access to each patient's complete health story, along with useful tools that empower them to deliver the best possible care.

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